Gandurile altora: cand pune el punct

Am gasit un post, la recomandarea unui prieten pe Facebook (pe bune), in care un tip spune de ce nu mai vrea sa fie intr-o relatie. Nu e pusa chiar asa in context dar ma gandesc ca nu ar fi putut sa redea lucrurile cu asa acuratete numai la nivel teoretic.

Aveti si link-ul (sus) si articolul mai jos. Notabil este in special cat de fina e linia intre punctul 1 si 5. Din nou spun, cred ca naturaletea si comunicarea vor aduce echilibrul de la sine. Daca tu, prin natura ta esti nebun/a (desi eu cred ca exista numai oameni innebuniti, dupa teoria lui J.J. Rousseau), oricum nu vei rezista intr-o relatie lunga.

Top 5 signs that you need to dump her

We all find ourselves in some relationships that are far from normal, or far from the average relationship, aren’t we? Granted, being in a relationship rules because well, first of all, you don’t have to spend your evenings alone in bed, and you don’t have to watch as much porn movies as you once did, and because you know that you don’t feel like a loser for not having a girlfriend. However, sometimes you don’t manage to get the right type of woman, and the relationship is bound to make you waste more time, time that you can use to search someone else. So, what are the signs that tell you that you need to dump her ass?
#5 She’s not there for you. This means that she’s either too busy with her life, or that she doesn’t answer your phone, or that she ignores you, or that when you’re socially out she seems to be more interested in other persons and give them more attention that she gives you.

#4 She doesn’t respect your decisions. Okay, now this can be perhaps too rigid to say, but you don’t want to have a woman that only wants things done her way and she doesn’t accept it any other way, or not without a serious fight – and even then.  Or perhaps, if you’re the submissive type and like her to wear those big man shoes, you do. Your call. Porn tube movies.

#3 She doesn’t respect you. Now, when this happens, you know it’s a sign to say goodbye. Respect is the cornerstone of each and every relation. If she can’t do that, then move on to the next one

#2 She wants you to change for her. This include everything, from how you look, to what you say and whom you see.

#1 She’s stressing you out. Relationships don’t need to stress partners. That’s a fact. There’s already plenty of stress in our lives. So no matter if she’s constantly nagging, if she’s too posesive or to jealous, or stresses you out with phone calls or messages, or wants too much attention, say goodbye. She’s simply gonna wear you off, and you’ll either end up in the loony bin, or totally whipped – and you’ll be the bitch!